Here at Te Awamutu Museum, kids can engage with all of our displays with Tui and Tama. We have activity trails throughout the museum and Wahi Akoranga (The Learning Place) is where you can find colouring pages, jigsaws and other hands on activities for kids of all ages!

There are stamps and stickers for those who find all the question marks, or finish the activity trail, and badges of your favourite character are available at the Front Desk for $2!

Tui, is a happy, chatty tui, who is just bursting with excitement to share her information with anyone and everyone! Sometimes she gets carried away and Tama needs to remind her of the museum rules!

Tama is our wise tuatara. He knows all about the objects in the museum, and he also knows all the rules!

Tui and Tama have been busy exploring the Museum, and they wrote down what they saw.

Ask an adult to print it out for you and see if you can find all the words from their trip!

Maybe you will see the same things when you visit the museum too!


This Month’s Object for Kids is a typewriter!

This is what generations before us used to type letters and other documents, long before computers were invented!

This one was manufactured by L.C. Smith & Corona and was first purchased in 1935 by Customs Agent Mr Alexander Muirhead. It was donated by his daughter Mrs Jean Mandeno to the Te Awamutu Museum.