Queen Victoria Lithograph

Queen Victoria Lithograph

Learn more about this fascinating object from our Collection and get up close to details that make the Winterhalter image so special.

Note: the Lithograph will not be on display for conservation reasons, however you will be able to view a detailed print.

To explore this object’s story before you visit, click here.

Front Porch Gallery

26th January – 16th March 2019

To The Dogs 2019

To The Dogs 2019

Back by popular demand, explore the special relationship we have with dogs in all aspects of life! It is amazing how man’s best friend has been part of our lives throughout history.

Do you have a great working dog on your farm, a much loved furry family friend, foster pups looking for their furever homes or support the wonderful work assistance dogs do? Come along and share all your favourite dog stories and photos!

Gavin Gifford Gallery

Open from January 24th 2019

The Divine Remains

The Divine Remains

Don’t miss this beautiful exhibition, blooming in the Gavin Gifford Gallery from September 29th 2018!

A touring exhibition propagated by:

HauNui Press

Earle Creativity Trust.

Follow this link for the associated workshops here