Research & Archives

Research at the Museum

The Museum’s archives collection includes paper, film and digital documents.

The archives are used to research everything from historic sites and landmarks, to businesses, sports clubs, schools, churches, family genealogy and more.

Archives are valuable documents and need to be protected from theft, mishandling and other environmental factors. For this reason they are stored in secure, climate-controlled areas with restricted access. Unlike libraries where you can browse the shelves for books, archives are retrieved for researchers by the Museum Collections team.


Research enquiries and Research Room appointments are closed for the year and will recommence after 11th January 2021.

Research and copying costs

Research Costs

These fees and charges became operative on 1 July 2016.

Use of Research Room     No Charge

Research Service      $25/half hour

Time including searching, retrieval, reproduction, distribution and replacement material. (No charge for first 15 minutes).

Scanning – Per Page      $1.00

Printing from Computer Terminal per page

Black and White A4    $0.20

Colour A4       $2.00

Photocopying per page

Single Sided Black and White   $0.20

Double Sided Black and White per side $0.20

Colour A4     $2.00

Colour A3   $4.00

Publication Fees (NZ Rights)   $50.00-$250.00

+ $20.00 per half hour for staff

Publication Fees (World Rights)   $50.00-$200.00

+ $20.00 per half hour for staff

Photographic Prints (hard copy) $5.00-$40.00

Newspapers and pamphlets

Historical pamphlets and newspapers including Waipa Post and Te Awamutu Courier


Over 6000 historical photographs of people, places and events


Historical maps of Te Awamutu and surrounding towns


Family/personal papers and records from local families and organisations