Te Awamutu Museum supporting creativity in the community.

The Art Attack Mural Project is a 10-12 month temporary exhibition of creative work to elevate visitors perception of contemporary visual art by placing it within the contemplative area of the Museum. It sits in juxtaposition of native flora, rocks and natural wooden seating and the confines of an internal exterior space. It is temporary in the sense that after the time period has ended a new mural takes its place. While the mural is alive there  is an opportunity for the artist to market themselves by hosting personal showings, an artist talk and other supportive events.

As a supporter of the arts, the Museum has trialed various projects to encourage arts practice and supporting artist’s development. The Gavin Gifford Gallery is specifically set up for the display of art while our education space is utilised for arts related community workshops, seminars, lectures and artist talks. However, the spaces are available for short periods of time and are limited to work that is temperature dependent.

Art Attack Mural Project was an idea that grew out of a need to repaint the inside courtyard walls. Instead of plain grey it was decided it would become an artist canvas. It would be a temporary exhibition mural space that would change out every year. This would offer the arts community an opportunity to create wall art with the added value of being marketed throughout the life of the art to all Museum visitors. The space itself is also a view for Waipā District council workers whose offices face into the courtyard.

This particular project has the ability to support a number of artists while allowing the community to see more artists work in open spaces. It is fully funded by the Museum to ensure artists see this as a viable opportunity. The proposals are marketed at the end of the previous year. However, due to Covid-19 timeframes for public showings has been limited so the 2019 mural timeframe has been extended. Look out for our FB marketing for the next proposal dates or check back here for more updates.

We will endeavour to revive this incredible creative opportunity in our community again, keep watching out for up to date information, Henriata Nicholas – Exhibitions Coordinator 2023.

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