From our mountains and wetlands, to our rivers and coasts – Its our landscape that also shapes us.

The Museum offers a wide range of educational programmes created specifically to grow and nurture children’s knowledge of the district, regional and national social history. The education facilitator takes classes on a journey through a wide range of learning experiences that align with the New Zealand educational curriculum while offering unique and topical issue focused programming such as environmental sustainability, bicultural studies utilising historical storytelling, and place based observational practice.

From Kupe and Captain Cook, to King Tawhiao and the heroes of Gallipoli and Chunuk Bair, these stories and journeys are uniquely worthy of passing to a new generation of Kiwi Kids!

The Te Awamutu Museum Enriching Local Curriculum service (ELC) is a Ministry of Education contract, thousands of New Zealand school students undertake these specific programmes each year. The programmes are designed to offer ‘hands on’ and location based learning experiences. Te Awamutu is located in the centre of where some of the nations’ most well known land wars took place between Māori and Crown armed forces in 1860’s. Ngā Pakanga o Aotearoa New Zealand Land Wars ELC programme is one of the Museum’s most subscribed. It offers students the opportunity to visit historic battle sites and handle objects from the Museum collection. This not only increases student connection to content, but also, allows them to have a fuller understanding of both perspectives.

The Te Awamutu Museum ELC programmes offers innovative ways to keep history relevant to all levels of students.

We believe that our stories and those that stem from our past are worth retelling and rediscovering.

When we do this we begin to understand our journey as a nation and what that means for us as modern day New Zealanders writing new chapters in our history books by the way we live, work and play.



The Museum Education Newsletter is out now!

Time to get your calendars ready for next term. Whatever level we are in, I can collaborate with you on achieving your learning outcomes for Term 4. I’m also looking forward to talking with you about the coming 2022 school year.

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Our calendar is open, and we are taking bookings for 2022 Enriching Local Curriculum (ELC) programmes.

We have a range of core social science programmes that are all designed to be student led.  Want to add technology, or maybe art, or science? Have a specific local focus? Just ask. Our Te Tiriti O Waitangi session is a great way to start the year with a hands on interactive look at this vital subject. From dress ups, handling objects and taonga, our giant roll out Treaty, to signing their own class treaty with the ink dip pens.  

Waipā is home to significant sites of the New Zealand Wars. Our “Ngā Pakanga O Aotearoa” program starts with a session at the Museum, and then the important kōrero continues at the sites. We have created a “causes and consequences” zoom session feturing interviews with local experts, to give three fifferent lenses. This can be added to the program, and is ideal as a post Tour session, in class. Weaving local stories, engaging, inspiring, with hands on learning experiences. If you are a Teacher, we’d love the opportunity to chat about what we can offer your students.

And yes, we are taking bookings now, book via the education tab, where you will also find our core programmes, or email us direct


Our programmes are fully customisable to your students learning needs and are delivered by qualified and trained Social History educators.
Our aim is to engage students with interactive and informative learning opportunities, utilising a “Hands-On” approach to connecting with the past.

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