Welcome to the Te Ara Wai Journeys Gallery at the Te Awamutu Museum. This gallery was installed in 2019 to support the December 2019 launch of the Te Ara Wai Journeys project – a free, self-guided tour of culturally significant sites through out the Waipā district.

What is Te Ara Wai Journeys?

Te Ara Wai Journeys is a free mobile interpretive story placed based website. It offers six different self-guided tours to choose from: Rangiaowhia – O-Rākau, Kakepuku, Karāpiro, Cambridge, Ngā Roto and Pirongia. Each includes a range of social, cultural and natural history features to explore.

Who created it?

Te Ara Wai Journeys is brought to you by Te Awamutu Museum and Waipā District Council. A three year long project in which the Museum team collaborated with the interpretive design team of Locales who created the concept design, community engagement, initial marketing and signage. Community engagement included local iwi leaders, expert knowledge holders, archeologists, historians, and Waipā District Council project teams.

What does Te Ara Wai mean?

The meaning of Te Ara Wai is compels. ‘Ara’ is to rise, to be awake to our past, and to have our eyes open to the future. ‘Wai’ is representative of the water pathways across much of the Waipā district, and it is also reflective of who we were, who we are and who we will become.

Why should I take the Te Ara Wai Journey?

Our region was and continues to be shaped by events that occurred during the New Zealand Land Wars: the British Crown invaded the Waikato in 1863-4, then confiscated 1.2 million acres of Māori land. Our story is of a journey of two people through a landscape, ruptured by war, and now undergoing process of healing and reconciliation.

What kind things can I expect to find on the Te Ara Wai Journey website?

Using your mobile phone or device, take a tour of the unique landscape of Waipā past and present with rich audiovisual stories from local experts. There are videos and audio interviews to listen to, animated graphic novels to watch and you can navigate to different sites by using maps and estimated driving times. Objects and taonga Māori from the Museum’s collection are also featured within the different story sites adding another layer of knowledge and interest.

What does the gallery space showcase?

The Te Ara Wai Journeys gallery space showcases some images and actual objects taonga Māori that feature on the website stories. It supports the overall virtual storytelling by allowing people to get close and personal with those objects taonga Māori, showcasing the intricate important stories they hold within them.

Where is the best place to start my Te Ara Wai Journey?

At the Te Awamutu Museum. Here you will find a map of all the story sites just before entering the Museum, to the left on the wall. You will gain a great overview to where all the story sites are located in the Waipā. Come in to the Museum and familiarise yourself with the Te Ara Wai Journey gallery where you can see objects taonga Māori, videos on how to use the website, signage and QR code. Just before you head off, stop in to our Museum shop to pick up your Te Ara Wai Journey merchandise. Keep the sun off your head with an awesome cap. Fill up your Te Ara Wai Journey water bottle at our water station in the Museum foyer. Just in case you need to hear all the videos on your journey, pick up some branded retractable ear plugs…..all for sale in the Museum shop for your convenience.

Start your online journey navigate to the website www.tearawai.nz, click HERE!