To support Ancestry Month August 2022, we’re showing the Queen Victoria Lithograph – a portrait of The Royal Family Queen Victoria, Price Albert and their five children. 1846.

The New Zealand Society of Genealogists Te Rangapū Kaihikohiko o Aotearoa observes Family History Month in August. If you have any interest in finding out more about researching tips, how to start, or finding specific information about your family history click the link:

The history of the lithograph is an amazing story. How does a Museum in Te Awamutu hold such a significant object in its collection? Through information we know and accounts that have been verified, we now know most of its history and why it came to be here in Te Awamutu. In this exhibition we showcase four specific timeframes of events that brought this lithograph from England to Te Awamutu. If you haven’t read this story, come in today and see the real artefact today!

On display for a limited time, August 2022 for Ancestry Month.