Family History Month

Family History Month

Researching history can be an adventure!

This exhibition highlighted the journey of some of our most significant taonga Māori, objects, and archives, accessioned into the Museum collection. Each of the frames highlights an amazing part of their story and timeline of events, surrounding that journey.

Just like this tree of collection taonga objects, we all have a whakapapa genealogy that traces specific times and people that lead to our unique story. For this month we’re highlighting the use of in our Museum as a free research tool, and space available to anyone that books at our reception.

We have some starting points on hand for researching your personal whakapapa genealogy or go online to contact The New Zealand Society of Genealogists,

Due to Covid restrictions visitors were not able to enjoy this exhibition. So, here is an overview of the exhibit and information on the objects that were featured within it.

Matariki Events 2021

Matariki Events 2021

Ngā mihi o te Tau Hou 2021!

Happy Māori New Year 2021!

Matariki is a special time to celebrate the rising of the star cluster that heralds in the Māori New Year. It’s a time to create a foundation of positive growth and development.

This year we had amazing activities and a funfilled programme for all the family to join in.

Front Porch Gallery

Visitors were invited to add to our community Matariki Star Constellation, by choosing a coloured star to add their special inspiring wish for loved ones or themselves. The result, a full wall of wishes for the coming year, what an awesome turn out!

Throughout the Museum – find your lucky star!

A great activity for young visitors to search out where staff hid the seven stars of Matariki around the Museum. There were lots of winners but the best was seeing all the young visitors enjoying the Museum trail and finding out, there was a lot more to do in the Museum than just look for stars!

Tui & Tama Club Event

Club members were invited to a special Matariki book event with Kat Quin and her latest book, ‘Flit the Fantail and the Matariki Map!

It was a great afternoon full of wonder and creativity that everyone enjoyed, and we had lots more children sign up to be Tui & Tama Club members!

Matariki Star Installation with Oriwa!

A free Saturday workshop for everyone to make eight pointed stars and add them to the ‘Matariki Star Installation’, on show during the month of Matariki. This was so popular, we extended over the holidays!

Matariki Activity Programme

The tradition of Matariki came alive through creative activities at the Museum. Our biggest take up of Matariki programmes, saw everyone enjoying Make your own Poi, Tī Rākau Stick Game, and Ukulele with Oriwa and Awatea! It was so great to see everyone enjoying themselves and coming back in for more. Thank you to Creative Communities Waipā District Council for supporting our local artists to run these workshops for our community.

A simple way to spread good wishes at this time of year!

July 2021

ANZAC Commemoration 2021

ANZAC Commemoration 2021

We will remember them…

This is a Museum created exhibition about how locals from Waipā commemorate ANZAC. It highlights how ANZAC came about, ANZAC memorials in the district, how we used to and how we commemorate ANZAC today.

Showing on the Front Porch Gallery April – May 2021

Wishing Wall 2020-2021

Wishing Wall 2020-2021

Wishing Wall

This interactive wall is a fun way for everyone to make a wish for Christmas 2020 or New Year 2021 for someone special or yourself. Choose a beautiful coloured butterfly, write or draw a picture of your wish and add it to the wall.

This exhibition has captured some very moving and interesting wishes and comments from the community. Such an honour to record your wishes here at the Museum.

Help us fill the wall with stunning colourful butterflies!

Resilience Resistance Remembrance

Resilience Resistance Remembrance

“Resilience Resistance and Remembrance” is an internal exhibition developed for the Front Porch Gallery, scheduled to be shown twice a year once around April/March to commemorate the 1864 Waikato British Invasion of the Waikato within the district of Waipā, and for the month of October to commemorate Rā Maumahara, New Zealand Day of Commemorations 28th October.

The content of this exhibition gives visitors an overview to how Aotearoa New Zealand adopted Rā Maumahara, New Zealand Day of Commemorations 28th October, revealing Waipā district’s connection to the Waikato Wars and the local school students that carried the kaupapa vision of change.

From time to time, we will bring out different taonga from the battles and often show ‘The Battle of Ō-Rākau’ the movie ‘Ake, Ake, Ake!’

10th October – 20th November 2020

18th February – 27th March 2021

Waikato Wars commemorations Feb-Apr 2021

Waikato Wars commemorations Feb-Apr 2021


Map of Rangiaowhia - Te Awamutu Museum Archives

During the coming months there are a number of commemorations of the Waikato Wars in the district of Waipā.

  • February 21st 1864 – British armed forces attacked the peaceful Māori village.
  • February 22nd 1864 – Māori lined up at Hairini to avenge the attack on Rangiaowhia against British armed forces.
  • March 31st – April 2nd 1864 – Battle of O-Rākau, British Crown forces attacked Māori.

To discover more about why the British invaded the Waikato, how Māori fought back, the outcomes and relevance to today’s generation of people living in the Waipā at the Museum. Here we delved deep into the lead up and some outcomes of that amazing story. You can also take the Te Ara Wai Journeys mobile tour of the district by staring here at the Museum and go on a self guided tour. All the information is right here at your Museum.

Or, take the mobile journey and head to Te Ara Wai Journeys, click here!