Did you know?

Aotearoa New Zealand has two living species of endemic bats, found here in Aotearoa. The short-tailed pekapeka is endangered, at risk and declining. The long-tailed pekapeka is also endangered and classified as nationally vulnerable.  A third species; the greater short-tailed bat is thought to be extinct. Pekapeka are known to habitat in the Waipā, however, with Waikato undergoing rapid development bat habitats are decreasing due to loss of roost trees, increase in street lighting and an increase in predators like domestic cats.

Find out more information on these amazing mammals in the display on the Back Porch Gallery. Lots of information, images and activities. Part of this exhibition is in collaboration with local school Pekapekarau. As part of their learning about the local curriculum, they connection with Project Echo to find out more about pekapeka and the original name of the school which led to a hui with local Māori that signalled a change their school name to Pekapekarau – multitude of bats! We have some great artwork from pupils and some amazing videos showcasing pupils stories about pekapeka.

On display from October 2022 – January 2023.